Fundraising for people’s film from Bhutan beats target, closes with USD 3,529

Update from The Red Door Team

Dear friends and supporters,
When we first planned to raise funds for The Red Door, we were not even sure if it was a good idea, or something that could be remotely possible in Bhutan. We were testing new waters, without the knowledge and awareness of the reaction and response that we would receive.

In fact, it was a timid, hesitant decision to start a vague form of crowd sourcing through Facebook and Twitter. We launched this campaign mainly because of our sheer conviction and belief that Bhutanese artists and art (traditional & contemporary) need our support – that this is an opportunity for all of us to be part of the creative process of art.

We are both stunned and humbled by the overwhelming support shown by friends near and far. Within the 10-day campaign period, we managed to raise USD 3,529, way beyond what we aimed to raise. Much of this fund will be used to meet post-production expenses the filmmaker owes to White Light Studio in Bangkok. The excess amount will be used to fund Tashi Gyeltshen’s next short film, ‘The Red Phallus’ – which is part of the red trilogy.

We would like to thank each and every one who made valuable contribution to this cause. Thank you for supporting The Red Door.

P.S: With this, we also now close the fund raising campaign. But we will keep The Red Door page alive.


Update: If you are at Rotterdam make sure to watch The Red Door. Please see the screening dates.

The Red Door Screening dates at Rotterdam.

The Red Door Screening dates at Rotterdam.


 Dear friends, 
Thanks very much for the overwhelming support for The Red Door. Donations have started pouring in from near and far, and we are humbled by the love and kindness shown by you all. We have 9 more days to go! Let’s keep up the momentum!

Kinley Tshering for FriendsOfTheRedDoor

Avant-garde Bhutanese filmmaker Tashi Gyeltshen’s The Red Door, a short film on living and dying, has been selected as the official entry for two international film festivals; Rotterdam in The Netherlands, and Fribourg in Switzerland.


Produced with contributions, as little as US$ 1, from Bhutanese who believe that filmmaking in the country cannot continue imitating Hollywood and Bollywood anymore, the film is a testimony that fund crunch should not kill good art.

“The artistic committee was astonished by the symbolic aspects and the painting-like imagery of the film,” the Fribourg selection committee qualified Dzongkha movie,  The Red Door, a labor of love, produced without the backing of big money or big wig endorsement.

Bhutan doesn’t have enough facilities to test the film in theater quality. So, The Red Door has been sent to Bangkok for quality testing. Director Tashi Gyeltshen will be watching The Red Door on big screen for the first time week after next in Bangkok, from where he would take the film to Rotterdam.

Tashi Gyeltshen, Director, The Red Door

Tashi Gyeltshen, Director, The Red Door

This will be possible only if the project is able to raise US$ 2,000, which will fund The Red Door’s final correction and Director Tashi Gyeltshen’s trip to The Netherlands.

Friends of The Red Door would like to appeal all lovers of art who believe that good films are still possible without big money backing to support director Tashi Gyeltshen to reach Rotterdam by January 20.

The best ambassador of a country is its art. If you believe in the potential of Bhutanese art, support Friends of The Red Door to raise US$ 2,000 in the next ten days. Be a part of this historic project, every cheltrum counts.

Please contact Kinley Tshering (Big B) at 00975- 17141337 or email to support the film.

On twitter and Facebook please use the hashtag #BhutanFilm to spread the message.

Wish Tashi Gyeltshen good luck on Facebook or Twitter


8 thoughts on “Fundraising for people’s film from Bhutan beats target, closes with USD 3,529

  1. TG has our support.
    For those in the US you can send funds via moneygram or western union to Bhutan. Reaches in a day. So proud of TG. Good luck.

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