The Tantric Highwayman Guru Padmasambhava’s Promise

The Tantric Highwayman Guru Padmasambhava's Promise

Every morning and every evening, I will come to serve you
By riding the rays of the rising and setting sun.
On the tenths of the waxing moons, I will come in person.
O my devout followers!

Arrange feast offerings in blazing vessels of precious gems
And sing the Seven Line Prayer in devotional melodies
With the sounds of music and skull damarus.

I, Orgyen from the Chamara subcontinent,
who, like a mother, cannot bear the cry of her beloved child,
will come to grant my blessings. This is a promise!

(Guru Rinpoche announces this to King Mutig Tsenpo and devotees after his decision to leave Tibet to the world of rakshas. This moving piece of poetry is from the monumental book ‘Zangdok Pelri, The Lotus Light Palace of Guru Rinpoche’. The pace of the verse reminded me of the Alfred Noyes poem, The Highwayman. )


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