Why Dr Ambedkar is important than military display

As India celebrates its 64th Republic Day today its good to be reminded that the father of the country’s constitution Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was not euphoric about the Indian Nation that rest of the Congress was all excited about ruling.

“There is no nation of Indians in the real sense of the world, it is yet to be created. In believing we are a nation, we are cherishing a great delusion. How can people divided into thousand of castes be a nation? The sooner we realise that we are not yet a nation, in a social and psychological sense of the world, the better for us,” he said on January 26, 1950, the 1st Republic Day.

On parliamentary democracy, he said, “Parliamentary democracy developed a passion for liberty. It failed to realise the significance of equality and did not even endeavour to strike a balance between liberty and equality, with the result that liberty swallowed equality and has made democracy a name and a farce.”



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