Bhutan’s Happiness conference at the UN

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    Bhutan leader’s pain at bringing global happiness
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    #Bhutan PM live interview with #BBCWorld Monday 7:45.50 EST
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    Follow @SonamOngmo @LatoyaFerns @yangzots @BhutanFdn @BBSBhutan @BhutanTimes at the UN from Monday for #GNH_UN
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    “@anujkp: The first ‘World Happiness Report’. Released today by @earthinstitute @JeffDSachs (long pdf report) #GNH_UN”
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    @XinhuaNews quoting #Bhutan PM says country has grown economically with #GNH policy since 2007
  6. “These are not times to preach GNH abroad; it is time to pay serious attention at home,” the deputy chairperson of Bhutan’s upper house Dr Sonam Kinga writes on the ongoing Rupee crisis in Bhutan. He says the country’s financial system is strongly pro-elite and there is a crisis of vision. 
  7. “Ironically, it’s only because westerners wanted a scale to quantify these quaint-sounding ideals that Bhutan did so.  Outsiders intrigued by GNH (and collapsing from the weight of overdevelopment and its discontents) have clambered for Bhutan to develop a scale to measure happiness, often missing the real point, as if it could be delivered in a magic diet formula for well-being.”

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    Happiness as an economic policy: Re-thinking GDP at the UN – Forbes
  9. Bhutan PM at NY press conference on Happiness 
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    Very critical cartoon by @bhutanobserver on #Bhutan’s happiness conference in NY GNH_UN
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    GNH gettin viral. Mayor of Arakawa in Tokyo coined GAH (gross Arakawa Happiness). Says its auspicious that Gah means “happy” in Dzongkha
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    #Bhutan PM says April2 meet will end with prayers of all religions #GNH_UN
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    Tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan leads world to post-GDP economy based on happiness. My article @GuardianSustBiz
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    Since when have we decided to shoulder world’s problems? While #gnh gains fans outside, it risks losing credibility @ home #fb
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    @SonamOngmo Thanks 4 the live tweets frm NY. Plez tell Bhutanese delegates to wear gho. One of the “pillars” of GNH is culture preservatn
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    #GNH_UN PM explaining history of eco refugees driven 2 Bhutan by political, eco instability & #Bhutan attractive desti with porous borders
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    #GNH_UN. PM says this conf not only 4 Bhutanese but 4 all. Bhutan still engaged in process to engage.
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    #GNH_UN PM explaining history of eco refugees driven 2 Bhutan by political, eco instability & #Bhutan attractive desti with porous borders
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    #GNH_UN but ovr time their huge #’s threatened #Bhutans existence frm political turmoil brought about by some of these immigrants PM
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    #GNH_UN Bhutan had no way 2 control & had 2 take steps 2 ensure its security. We hve bin destination of refugees prior 2 prob Tibs and NEps
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    This Monday sees the first United Nations happiness conference, led by Bhutan the pioneers of Gross National Happiness…
  22. One of the key persons behind the conference, Bhutan aficionado Jeffrey D. Sachs was backed by the government for his World Bank president candidature. “He has all the right qualifications for the job. He is one who has vision, the knowledge, love for humanity and above all the zeal to motivate people,” Bhutan finance minister Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu wrote
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    Honored by Bhutan’s support for me for World Bank President. Bhutan leads great idea of Gross National Happiness.…
  24. Bhutan prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley on GNH at the UN (old video)

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    Our best wishes and prayers are with Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley and his small entourage for the the 2nd April High Level GNH Conference in UN, NY. It is the only paradigm for sustainable development if the earth needs to exist for us. Visit and continue our devotion and prayers for its success.
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    I hope American Airlines AA105 make some space for me! I have a United Nations High Level Meeting to get to!!!
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    Guardian story #Bhutan calls4reduction of speculation in financial markets. Bt policy encourages modern stock market
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    Skeptical of boring academic exercise GNH has been reduced to by some. Ban Ki Moon opening conf Monday @ UN. All hail HMK4’s #GNH #Bhutan
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    How Bhutan measures progress in GNH (Gross national happiness)
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    @syamant We borrow progress indicators from the west & they are mostly not relevant. It would be better if we went the Bhutan way.
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    Bhutan Submission to #Rio 20: A new sustainability-based economic paradigm
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    attending UN high level meeting in New York on well-being and happiness lead by Bhutan Government. 2 – 4 April Inspi …
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    RT @tourismbhutan: It’s a big week for #Bhutan, #GrossNationalHappiness takes center stage @ the UN, help us celebrate
  35. Btw controversial book ‘Gross National Happiness’ says conservatives are happier than liberals. So if you are an all-embracing-compassionate-Bell-Hooks-like-Buddhist, an atheist, left-leaning, anti-war, anti-capitalist then you could be unhappy
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    Happy Conservatives: Gross National Happiness
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    #GNH_UN David Cameron to speak @ Apr 2 conf about how UK pursuing “Wellbring/Happiness” as well.

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