Seventh Day Adventist leader asks church to submit to dictator Mugabe’s leadership, says he is appointed by God


(Robert Mugabe, an admirer of Hitler, gets Adventist endorsement 7 years after the church apologized to Holocaust victims for its support to the Nazi Regime. Publications of the German church had written articles glorifying Hitler. “In our day, however, we want to take a decided stand for right and justice-towards all people,” the 2005 apology by the Church said. But the church’s top leader seems to have forgotten this as he went on record supporting Mugabe last week )

It was shocking to read the way Seventh-day Adventist Church’s General Conference president Elder Ted Wilson praised Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe and asked the church there to submit to his leadership.

From his speech, what I understand is, he was only concerned about freedom of worship and not about the gross human rights violations (the latest where 6 activists were punished to watching an Arab Spring video). ” We should respect and submit to the leadership of this country because all leaders are appointed by God,” he was quoted by Herald newspaper.

Mugabe loves the Adventists, no doubt. The paper writes: Last year President Mugabe described the choral music as the “best and well-organised type of music” after listening to the music of the Advent Ambassadors at a city wedding.

A church member wrote this in Feb: Our prayers should be directed towards asking God to liberate us from the jaws of total dictatorship and the corrupt tendencies that we live under. We should be praying hard for justice to be delivered to the victims of political violence, rape, hatred and other ills that have been inflicted on us willingly and knowingly by political authority of the Mugabe regime.

This is not the first time Mugabe has received Adventist praise.  Last May, the Church vice president for Southern Indian Ocean Division Pastor Paminus Machamire  praised Mugabe for his anti-gay stand and added, “President Mugabe preaches the same gospel we preach. A marriage should only be possible between a man and a woman.”

I searched the church’s official news agency Adventist News Network for an official position, or a news report. ANN has willfully avoided reporting on what its top leaders have said. Its only version of Elder Wilson’s vist is this snippet: In Zimbabwe, tens of thousands of people came out to hear Wilson—36,000 at a stadium in Harare and 20,000 more in Bulawayo. 

It took 60 years for the Church to admit its mistake for supporting the Nazi regime and Hitler (a person whom has inspired Mugabe. He has supported Hitler on record) The 2005 public apology by the church read: We deeply regret that the character of National Socialist dictatorship had not been realized in time and distinctly enough, and the ungodly nature of [Nazi] ideology had not clearly been identified,” the statement, as translated from German, reads. The church says it also regrets “that in some of our publications . . . there were found articles glorifying Adolf Hitler and agreeing with the ideology of anti-Semitism in a way that is unbelievable from today’s [perspective].”

Will the church wait for Mugabe to be out of power one day and then convene a General Conference meeting to apologize for the way it had shamefully supported the regime?

The Bible doesn’t ask us to fight a Satan we conjure in our prayers or fantasies: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, says Ephesians 6:12


3 thoughts on “Seventh Day Adventist leader asks church to submit to dictator Mugabe’s leadership, says he is appointed by God

  1. Do you remember that Daniel says to NEBBUCHADNEAZER O King live for ever, though he was against God and Daniel mentioned that God is the one who puts and remove Kings. But note that we as the Adventists do support Mugabe for His adernt standing on religious liberty and focus on true biblical marriage theology. We will only contradict if he opposes Jehovah’s word.

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