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(Bhutan Prime Minister at the monthly Cabinet press meet in Thimphu. Photo Courtesy: Bhutan Observer)

There were times in Bhutan when reporters didn’t dare  to look into the eyes of a senior official while interviewing for a story. That was six years back when the country had only one weekly newspaper, the government-run Kuensel.

Life was easy for reporters. (It was one of the best written papers in the region, though no one really noticed.) As a former scribe with Kuensel recalled, one could take the liberty to drive up to Dochula, a mountain pass 30 kilometres away from capital Thimphu, to think of a lede, return to the office and file one story for the week. But today, Bhutan has 11 English newspapers, including its first broadsheet, The Bhutanese, launched last week.

This competition has really fueled competition among journalists who are grilled in newsrooms for missing stories to…

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