SMS policing to save women from eve teasers

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Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

The Indian state of Kerala is soon introducing an SMS (text messaging) service to fight eve teasing.

Kerala, a tourists paradise with its rich culture, backwaters, and golden beaches, is also known for young boys who whistle women as they walk to office and older men who display their organ outside women’s hostels.

The SMS service is being introduced by the Kerala women’s commission.

If a woman finds herself being harassed by teasers, she just needs to type the word ‘Vanitha’ on her mobile and after leaving a space message it to the commission on a number to be announced shortly.

On getting the alert, the help desk at the Women’s Commission would inform the nearest police station from where the message is sent to help the woman in trouble.

An online facility for lodging fresh complaints has also been launched by the commission on its website

Eve teasing, especially on white women, is a big law and order issue  in this sexually repressed society. A few years back, one international travel magazine suggested women visiting  hot and humid Kerala to wear only sports bras.


One thought on “SMS policing to save women from eve teasers

  1. Interesting one Aby, no wonder Kerala has to resort to taking such steps. After all you are from Kerala and i presume all Keralite men are like you.
    God be with Keralite women.

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