Lack of $2,587 delays rape trial

The district court in the Bhutanese capital Thimphu is waiting the forensic report on a case where a  six-year-old girl was raped while returning from school in September 2008.But the report has been delayed for 15 months just because the police could not arrange the amount of Nu 120,000 (US$ 2,587 ) to send the DNA sample to Germany.

The evidence, a single strand of hair, lifted from the victim, requires to be sent to Germany for DNA analysis.  “But there’s no budget allocation for such provisions,” said RBP major Phub Gyeltshen: Kuensel newspaper reported.

Bhutan, a least developed country, has no forensic facilities.

The 30-year-old alleged is in prison waiting for a verdict.

The presiding judge says the “burden of proof or responsibility lies with the police” and the accused could remain under custody till the  trial concludes.

The police says they are “100%” sure that the accused is guilty.  The victim had also identified the rapist after a parade of suspects and there are other witnesses too including two minors.

But the court says information obtained from minors cannot be relied on.

“We need to hand down judgment as objectively as possible,” the paper quoted a court official.


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